What Contact Information Should You Include On Your Website?

This might sound like a strange question. Surely, you just put your phone number, an email contact form and your street address on your website. Don’t you?

You can, but giving it a bit more thought can really help.

Let’s take things back a step and consider a different question for a moment…

This question - *What’s the most important function of your website?

The answer to this is…

To create as much engagement with your website visitors as possible. Unless you run an e-commerce site where people buy directly from your website, there’ll be other steps in your sales process.

Let’s think about it logically for a moment. When someone visits your website and finds out information about your business, what is your ideal outcome to move them closer to becoming your customer?

  • Do you need to speak to them on the phone?
  • Do you need them to come to your store or office?
  • Do you need to capture their email address so you can start building a relationship with them?

This is where you need to think more carefully about the contact information you put on your website. Having different options is ok, people like options and convenience. But, if you know that a specific type of contact is more valuable to you, then you should use your contact information to encourage the behaviour you want.

For example, if a phone call is what you want them to do, having an email contact form prominently displayed on your website with a call to action of ‘please email us’ isn’t the best way to encourage the behaviour you want. Including your phone number as your most prominent method of contact is what you should do.

Including contact information on your website in this way will result in contacts being made (by your website visitors) that’s way more likely to move them to the next stage of your sales process.

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