17 Reasons you need a website for your business

Every business can hugely benefit from a website. But, it’s reported that almost half of all small businesses in the UK don’t have one.

If you’re unsure of the benefits a website would bring to your business, check out this quick rundown of 17 very compelling reasons why you should have a website for your business.

1. Be open 24x7x365 - A website means your business is open all day, every day. A website can get you customers even when you’re asleep

2. It’s your top Salesperson – A good website is like having a trained salesperson working for you all the time. But they don’t get sick or take holidays

3. Reach new customers – The exposure a website can give you enables you to connect with loads of new customers online

4. It’s expected – Research has shown that a significant number of people won’t use a business if they don’t have a website

5. Show up on Google – Google is the most popular search engine and it’s where your potential customers are looking. You must be there too

6. They’re quick and easy – Making your own website is a very quick and easy process and literally anyone can do it

7. Demonstrate your brand – Your website should be your flagship online presence that clearly demonstrates your brand

8. Communicate with customers – A website answers basic questions quickly so people know who you are, what you do and where you’re based

9. Gain credibility – Prove to your website visitors that you’re a great business to work with using testimonials and reviews

10. Level the playing field – It doesn’t matter how many people are in your business. You can go toe to toe with much bigger businesses

11. Totally in your control – You can add whatever you want to your website. The things that you know are important to your customers

12. Introduce your staff – Ever heard the saying ‘people buy from people’? Use your website to bring a human element to your business

13. Beat your competition – If your competition doesn’t have a website and you do, you should blow them out of the water

14. Don’t get left behind – If your competition does have a website and you don’t, you’re in real danger of being left behind

15. Test what works – A website is totally in your control. It means you can try different things and see what works best

16. Cheaper than traditional advertising – There is no lower cost way of reaching loads of potential customers than with a website

17. Websites cost nothing – You’ll have to pay for your website. But, a good website should make a lot more than it costs

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