What pages must you have on your website?

This is a really common question and it’s one that’s been asked since the dawn of the internet. In the past (and still now), a lot of people might answer with a list like this:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Products and Services
  • Contact

The argument is that this would provide the basic information that people need to know to make an informed decision whether to contact you and potentially become your customer. Obviously, you could add other pages to compliment these like; an image gallery, case studies, staff bios and other things. But, stop there for a minute.

This is a really old-fashioned approach. One that needs to change!

That’s because the way that people consume information on the internet has changed. More people now browse the internet on a mobile device than using a computer or laptop.

Enter the scrolling website.

This is a website where everything is put on a single page. Like this…

The reason this style of website is now much more common is because it’s much easier for users to scroll through on their smartphone or tablet. More people now use a mobile device to browse the internet than a traditional computer or laptop.

This is exactly how our Website builder works.

We still have navigation at the top, making it look like a traditional website and people can still click those links and jump around the content as they wish. But, they can also scroll through the entire website without having to click any navigation.

So, now the question should be…

What information must I have on my website?

That’s because instead of having all the different pages on your website and having people click around, you need to take them on a journey through your website as they scroll.

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So, what information must you have on your website?

The list now looks like this…

  • Above the fold content: This is the stuff people see when they access your website, without scrolling. It needs to grab their attention very quickly
  • About text: This is where you build credibility that you’re the type of business your visitor wants to work with
  • Products and Services text: This is the stuff you sell, so you need to present it in the right way to make people want to buy it
  • A strong call to action: Don’t assume your website visitors know what to do next, tell them how to move things forward
  • Contact details: Give them appropriate contact details so they can get in touch with you if they want to learn more

That’s the vital information for every website.

We’ve created a free guide: How To Make A Website: The Complete (And Simple) Guide

It goes into way more detail about each of the vital elements of content listed above. Approaching your website in this way will make it way more compelling, effective and make sure you’re giving your customers what they now want.

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