How do websites work? A simple explanation.

In this blogpost we’re going to look at what websites are, where they’re stored and how they’re displayed on your computer screen.

Every website is just a bunch of files. The files contain things like text, images, videos, graphics and all the other content that is displayed on a website. Part of these files contain a programming language called html. To you it might look very complicated, but to your web browser, it’s the code it needs so it can put all these files together and display a website on your computer or mobile device’s screen.

The next thing every website needs is a place to store these files. This is called web hosting. It’s just like when you save files to your computer at home. There’s basically a folder on the internet that contains all the files that make up a website.

So, how do the files stored in the web hosting get displayed on your computer or mobile device? Let’s think about how you access a website. You go onto a web browser and type in a domain name. (that’s the bit that starts with www) for example, Or you type a search into a search engine and click on a link to a website. This then displays the website on your computer screen.

The domain name is the thing that tells your computer where to look to access the files that make up a website. It’s a bit like a telephone number. Where a telephone number knows which phone to ring, a domain name knows the location of the web hosting where the website is stored. This means your browser can retrieve the html and files and put it all together to display the website.

And that’s it. That is, in a very simple way, how websites work.

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