Your website needs to include certain information to both introduce your business to your visitors and make them want to become your customer.

But what should you include?

This blogpost will walk you through everything you need and give you examples to use on your website.

The vital content for every website

Regardless of what your business does, you need to include certain information. You might want to add more, but as a minimum, the list below includes the vital elements…

  • Tell your visitors who you are and what you do
  • Gain their trust through demonstrating credibility
  • Show that you have a solution for their problem(s)
  • Tell them what to do next to move things forward
  • Give them a way to get in touch with you

If your business provides a local service (for example; window cleaning, plumbing, electrician, plasterer, hairdresser etc.) this may be all you need on your website.

Use this formula on your website and you’ll give your visitors all the information they need to become your customer. Let’s walk through each of the above in turn.

Tell your visitors who you are and what you do

This is the information you should put above the fold on your website. Above the fold is what your visitors see, when they first access your website, without scrolling.

This is vital because people have a hugely limited attention span, so you need to hook them as quickly as possible.

This means you need to clearly state what you do and where you do it straight away. No fluff, no messing around, straight in!

For example, a window cleaning business might have this above the fold:

Great Value Residential Window Cleaning Services In South West London

If someone is looking for a window cleaner, they live in that area and they see this, straight away they’ll know they’re probably in the right place. Then, they’re way more likely to read on.

Here’s this example on a website…

CLICK HERE to see the full website

Gain their trust through demonstrating credibility

Once you’ve got their interest and they’ve decided to read on, you need to gain their trust. You do this with some About text. Explain, very clearly, who you are and why you’re a good business. This will give you the credibility you need to make them comfortable with becoming your customer.

It’s really important to avoid being too self-indulgent here. Your website should focus on your visitor and the things you can do for them. A good way to make sure you do this is to use ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ at least twice as much as you use ‘we’, ‘we’re’ and ‘our’ in your about text.

Ways to get credibility are to include things like…

  • How you help your customers. (What you can do for them)
  • Highlight some known pain points. (Clearly state the problems you solve)
  • How long you’ve been trading. (An established business is a real trust signal)
  • Awards and nominations you’ve had. (Recognition from your peers is valuable)
  • Accreditations and insurances. (This can separate trustworthy businesses from others)

Here’s an example of some really good About text, again for a Window Cleaning business. Feel free to take it, tweak it and use it on your website.

Are you looking for a high quality and affordable window cleaning service in South West London? You are? We’re the perfect choice for you.

With over 10 years’ experience and hundreds of happy customers, we’re equipped with the experience and professionalism required to meet your needs. In 2019 we were nominated for Best Local Business by the readers of the Wandsworth Times.

When you choose a window cleaner, you want more than just clean windows. You’ll no doubt be looking for a punctual, reliable service from business that cares about your property as much as you do. Plus, we make sure we’re always courteous and polite with our clients.

You’ll also benefit from dealing with a business that is fully insured and committed to following the latest health and safety regulations.

Hire us today and get your widows, frames and sills professionally cleaned. Our water fed pole cleaning method which gets great results without using any harmful detergents.

Here’s the example About text on a website…

CLICK HERE to see the full website

Show that you have a solution for their problem(s)

This is done with Products / Services text. This is the thing you sell. It’s what makes you money, so it needs to be compelling. The key here is to focus on the transformation you bring to your customer’s lives in terms of the problems you’ve highlighted in your About text.

This might sound a little bit strange, but everything provides transformation to people, if you think about it in a certain way. This can be demonstrated by something as mundane as a drill bit.

No-one buys a drill bit because they want a drill bit, they buy it because they want to put a clock on the wall so they can get the kids to school on time and have a stress free morning.

Another example…

No-one buys an MP3 Player because they want an MP3 Player. They buy it because they want to enjoy their favourite music any time they like.

This also works for services, not just products…

No-one hires an accountant because they want an accountant. They hire one because they want someone to take the stress out of submitting their accurate tax return.

Get the idea?

Think how you can position your products and services in a way that shows transformation. It will have a huge impact on the success of your website.

Obviously, you also need to make sure you actually list the products and services you offer.

Here’s an example of some really good Services text. Again, feel free to copy it and change it to suit your business and website…

Let us take the stress out of having the cleanest windows on the street.

We can provide interior and exterior cleaning on both a regular and one-off basis. Our usual hours of business are between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday, but we do make exceptions when we need to be flexible for our customers.

We cover the following areas; Earlsfield, Kingston, Mitcham, Morden, New Malden, Putney, Richmond and Wimbledon.

We don’t just provide window cleaning services! If you have a conservatory, driveway or guttering we can help clean and maintain these too.

We aim to beat any other quote you’ve received, and we offer great dіѕсоunts to customers that make block bооkings with us.

Here’s the example Services text on a website…

CLICK HERE to see the full website

Tell them what to do next to move things forward

Your visitors might be really impressed with your business and your amazing products and services, but you should never assume they will know what to do next.

So, you should tell them. You do this with a Call To Action (CTA).

What do you want your visitors to do? Call you, send you an email, visit your store, download your brochure? Whatever it is, add it to your website as a CTA.

Here’s an example…

Call us now to book an appointment

Here’s the example CTA on a website…

CLICK HERE to see the full website

Here are some other examples of CTAs…

  • Visit our store and one of our friendly, experienced representatives will assist you
  • Download our brochure for more information

Adding a clear CTA like this will result in a lot more people taking the next step and moving closer to becoming your customer.

To make your CTA even more effective, add some urgency by using the word ‘now’ or ‘today’. Not only are you telling them what to do, you’re also telling them when to do it.

Give them a way to get in touch with you

Finally, you need to give them your all important contact information.

When you add contact details to your website, think about your audience. How do they like to communicate?

Under 25s won’t want to call you. Boradly speaking, they hate speaking on the phone. So, instead of a landline number add an email contact form or even a mobile number and invite them to text you.

Older people still prefer to pick up the phone and have a conversation. In this example, a landline telephone number will be much more effective.

Make sure your contact information supports your CTA, if relevant. For example, if you want people to visit your store, not having your street address on your website won’t lead to a stampede of people visiting you.

Here’s the example Contact Details on a website…

CLICK HERE to see the full website

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