If you’ve ever tried a website builder, you’ve probably seen something like this on their website…

‘It’s really easy. Anyone can do it’.

Well, we’ve worked with loads of business owners and we know, when it comes to most website builders, not everyone can do it. We hear things like…

‘I couldn’t get to grips with the drag and drop’.


‘It took me ages to make a website and even then, it didn’t look very good’.


‘I didn’t understand what I was looking at, so I gave up’

So, when, we make the claim that anyone can use YourSimpleSite, we really mean it. In fact, these types of comments are the very reason we exist.

I’m one of the founders and I’ve worked in IT my whole career. As the ‘computer guy’ among friends, family and acquaintances, I was the go to person for anything to do with computers, which included websites.

A typical conversation started with something like…

‘How can I easily create a website that I can update myself that doesn’t cost the earth?’

My advice was to check out one of the well-known website builders. Invariably, a few days or weeks later I’d see the person again and I’d be hit with something like…

‘That thing you told me to use for my website. I couldn’t make head or tail of it’.

Then came the dreaded question…

‘Can you do it for me?’

Nooooooo. I’m not a website designer.

This is when a conversation with an ex-colleague turned into a seed that has grown into YourSimpleSite. In response to all these problems that people were having with other website builders, we built our own.

But, with a difference…

We took every day internet usage, like writing an email and posting a photo on social media and used it to make a website builder. Even people with the most limited computer skills should instantly understand what they’re looking at when they’re using our website builder.

To prove that anyone can do it, including you, answer the following 2 very simple questions…

  • Can you scroll through some images and choose your favourite?
  • Can you type information into a simple online form?

If the answer is yes to both, you’ll have absolutely no problem creating a website with YourSimpleSite.

Here’s the proof. Here’s how you do it…

Choose a template to use as the basis of your website. (This is where you scroll through the images and choose your favourite).

Write some words about your business. (This is where you type information into a simple online form).

That’s basically it, your website is created.

Then you just choose a domain name and launch your website live to the internet.

You can log in any time you like to make changes and add more content like maps, an image gallery, videos, links to your social media and loads more.

Do you agree that anyone would be able to create a website with YourSimpleSite?

We’ve created a free guide: How To Make A Website: The Complete (But Simple) Guide

It walks you step-by-step through the whole process of making an amazing website that will flood your business with leads, enquiries and new customers. It’s our proven blueprint that’s been used by loads of other businesses to create their website.