A website builder is a way of creating your own website. But, some people don’t think you should use them.

For example, web designers don’t think you should use a website builder. But this is because they’re in direct competition with them meaning there are less people needing to hire web designers. Other people think you can’t create a good enough website unless you have strong design skills. Some people just think they’re too complicated to use.

So, should you use a website builder?

As with everything, there will always be exceptions. If you need a very complicated website or one with specific, dynamic content, it might be sensible to hire someone that knows what they’re doing to help you and not use a website builder.

However, other than a few specific exceptions, a website builder is suitable for 99% of business. If all you need is a website that introduces your business, gives information about your products and services, provides contact details so people can get in touch with you and some other features like image galleries, videos, pricelists and maps, the you should definitely try a website builder.

Here are 9 really good reasons why you should use a website builder.

1. Website builders are very simple.

They’re designed so anyone can use them. Even if you have very restricted skills with a computer, if you can send an email, you’ll have enough knowledge to create a website.

2. You don’t need any design skills to use them.

Almost all website builders use templates. You choose a template as the basis of your website and then customise it with your content. So, the design is already done, all you do is tweak the template to make it how you want it and change things like images to make it unique to your business.

You also don’t need any technical skills. You don’t need to know anything about coding or computer programming because you create your website using a simple ‘what you see is what you get’ user interface.

3. Website builders are the quick way to launch a website.

If you hire a web designer to create your website, you’re reliant on them and their time restrictions. Using a web designer should be a very interactive process. It doesn’t take all the work away from you. They’ll ask you for information about your business, content to use on your website, what you want it to look like and the colours, fonts and other cosmetic aspects you want on your website.

Then you’ll be expected to review initial designs and provide feedback so changes can be made and your final website produced. This process can take a few weeks. With a website builder, you can do it all yourself very quickly. If you started now, within an hour, you’d probably have a pretty good website live on the internet.

4. Website builders give you everything you need.

Creating your website is just a one part of owning and running a website. You also need web hosting. Your website needs to be physically installed somewhere so people can access it over the internet. A web designer would probably help with this, for an additional cost. But, with a website builder it’s all included. You don’t even need to think about it. You create your website and launch it live to the internet and it’s hosted for you.

You may also need support at some point. If you have questions or you have a technical issue. Website builders will provide support as part of your small monthly fee. With a web designer, you may need to pay every time you need something. Also, most website builders have comprehensive help pages so you can find answers to any questions you may have very quickly.

5. You can update your website yourself with a website builder.

Websites should be constantly evolving over time. As your business grows and develops, so should your website. So, it’s important that you can make changes quickly and easily. With a website builder, you can login any time and make changes when you want. There’s no waiting for your web designer to fit time in to make your changes and they’ll probably charge you every time you want to make a change.

6. Website builders are much cheaper.

If you choose to use a web designer, you should expect to pay at least £300, even for a simple website. Any less than this and you should ask to see examples of their work to make sure their websites are of sufficient quality. Then, as we mentioned above, you’ll need to pay for hosting, which is usually a monthly cost. You shouldn’t pay more than £10 a month for this. Sometimes it’s a bit less.

So, if you choose to hire a web designer, your first-year costs will likely be at least…

  • £300 for the website
  • £10 a month for web hosting
  • This is a total of £420 for the first year

Then, as I said earlier, you may need to pay more if you want to make changes.

With a website builder, you won’t pay anything to create your website. Then, you just pay a small monthly fee for hosting, support and access to the website builder to make changes. Typically, you should expect to pay…

  • £0 for your website
  • £10 for your monthly fee
  • This is a total of £120 for the first year

But, even better than this. A lot of website builders offer a free option, so you can try it out before you spend any money.

How does this sound?

  • £0 for your website
  • £0 for your monthly fee
  • This is a total of £0 for the first year

So, why not try a website builder first, without paying? Then, if you decide it’s not right, you can then hire a web designer.

7. Websites made with website builders are mobile optimised as standard.

More people access the internet using a mobile device than a traditional computer. That means you need to make sure your website is responsive, which means it re-sizes and re-formats based on the device it’s being accessed on.

If you choose to hire a web designer, you need to make sure they’ll make your website responsive. With a website builder, your website will be mobile optimised as standard. You won’t even need to think about it.

8. Some website builders help you to get found. This is really important.

The best website in the world won’t achieve anything for you if it never gets any visitors.

If you choose a web designer, make sure they will be providing something to help with driving traffic to your website. If they only offer a service where they build your website and then leave you to it, you’ll probably not enjoy a huge amount of success. However, some website builders help with all this. They have resources to show you how to promote your website and make your website successful. Website builders are more like a partner that stay with you for the whole time you have your website.

9. You may be paying for something you can do yourself.

A lot of so-called web designers actually use website builders. All they’re doing is charging you a premium to do something that you can quite easily do yourself. So, again, why not try a website builder and see. Then if you really think you need help, you can hire a web designer.

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