How Do You Get A Website?

Broadly speaking there are 2 options for getting a website:

  • Hire a web designer to make your website
  • Do-it-yourself using a website builder

There are arguments for using both.

Hire a Web Designer

In today’s world, it’s easy to find good and reputable suppliers for things like websites. It’s very difficult to give a bad service without getting negative reviews online.

So, do some research and see what you find. Select a few potential web designers and check out their websites. If you’re not impressed by their own site, chances are they’re not going to do an amazing job for you.

Also, look at their portfolio. Check to make sure they’ve got some strong reference websites and even better, if they’ve worked with businesses similar to yours.

Another approach is to ask other business owners you know if they can recommend their web designer. Personal recommendations are always a positive sign of a supplier’s quality.

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One word of warning, choosing a web designer to make your website doesn’t take all the effort away from you. They’ll expect you to provide them with information, such as information about your business, so they can create your content.

So, be prepared to do a fair amount of work to get your website live.

Seeing as you’ll have to provide information for your content anyway, why not save a lot of time and money by doing it yourself.

Use a website builder

A website builder is an online platform (like YourSimpleSite) that enables you to create your own website. Typically, you choose a template, add your content and then launch your website live to the internet.

It’s really quick and easy to make a website with a website builder.

So, why not try a website builder first? All you need to invest is a small amount of your time to give it a try. If you then decide you need help to create your website, you can find a web designer.

We’ve created a free guide: How To Make A Website: The Complete (And Simple) Guide)

It gives you absolutely everything you need to create an amazing website that will flood your business with leads, enquiries and new customers. It’s our proven blueprint that’s been used by loads of other businesses to launch a successful website.